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9 Features of Air Navigation Pro iOS You Should Know

Air Navigation Pro iOS iPad France ICAO Air Navigation Pro comes with numerous features both for Android and iOS. Among its more popular and most used features are the moving map, live tracking, route planning, and 3D synthetic vision to name a few. Aside from that, the app comes with...

Top E-learning Portals for Pilots That You Should Check Out Right Now

How passionate are you as a pilot? How many aviation questions do you have in your mind that often keep you up at night or lose yourself in those thoughts? The internet is a massive place filled with opportunities to learn with most of the basic information that can be accessed for free. The...

11 Pilots You Should Follow on Instagram

The pilot community on Instagram has grown 5 times bigger since the app launched in 2010. It is a favorite platform among photography enthusiasts, creative brands, and influencers who want to share experiences in creative and visually appealing ways. If you aren’t on Instagram yet, here are some...

7 Types of Partners a Pilot Should Date (At Least Once)

Pilots are the adventurous types but quite picky when it comes to their partners. True, right? It must be from the perfectionist characteristic that most pilots possess. Sure, you’ve dated a good number while your friends would say that you date the same types over and over again. What...

7 Coolest Aircraft Exteriors & their Stories

As pilots, sure we all know that the cockpit is pretty much what excites us. But for the spectator and passengers, the ride is what makes it exciting. Either pilot or passenger would enjoy flying one of these airplanes really quirky. These paint jobs may have been commissioned for marketing purposes,...

The Secret to Winning the Aerobatic World Championship

Patrick Paris’ journey towards the World Aerobatic Championship title is an inspirational story of never giving up, and pursuing dreams until they happen. Patrick tasted his first flight when he was 18, right when he joined the air force. Deeply fascinated by planes and aerobatics, his first...

7 Things You Have to Do to Take Care of Your Airplane

Airplanes are complicated—that’s not a mystery to anyone who’s been around aircrafts for any length of time. They also represent a significant financial investment. So, it only makes sense for you to take care of your aircraft the best way possible. Of course, there is the safety...

7 Flying Clubs in Canada That You Should Know About

Flying will always be a pilot’s constant, unless adulting decisions come in the way. A true blooded pilot will always look for ways to accommodate their passion. Take for example Todd. When Todd and his wife found out they were having a baby (twins in fact!), they were excited about how it would...

10 Steps to Becoming a General Aviation Pilot

Let’s face it—flying looks like a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to get into an airplane and use their skill to put the earth below them? Flying opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Trips that would take days are suddenly doable in a single day. Being able to fly an...

What Aircraft Should You Fly Based on Your Personality

Flying makes a pilot's life exciting but we wanted to triple the fun and put together a quiz that will allow you to explore what type of aircraft fits your personality. The results may vary according to your tastes and preferences, not to mention budget. Try this test out to get to know your inner aviator!

New guide to Air Navigation Cloud!

Find our new article about our great Air Navigation Cloud. It will guide you using the Cloud for you

New Mexico VFR 500k 2016!

Find out our new charts for Mexico! Download them from the store or have a look on our blog for more

South African Approach Charts now available!

Visit our store and download the latest approach charts of South Africa!

New WAC Brazil 2016!

The new WAC Brazil 2016 chart is now available on our store!

Private: New VNC maps available for New Zealand, North and South Island

The maps VNC North and South New Zealand are now available on the Map Store.

Private: Air Navigation 6.1 iOS is available for download!

Download the latest update Air Navigation Pro 6.1 for iOS. Click here to discover the new features!

Private: 3D is on Android!

Find out the new Air Navigation Android update with the 3D view, terrain awareness and some other fe

New Australia charts available!

Full Australia 500k chart or Australia divided by regions 500k are now available! Download now on th

Private: Air Navigation 6.1 iOS is available for download

Download the latest update Air Navigation Pro 6.1 for iOS. Click here to discover the new features!

Air Navigation 6.0.2. available!

The latest update Air Navigation 6.0.2 with bug fixes is now available for download on the App Store