What's new in Air Navigation Pro


Air Navigation Pro provides you with a suite of tools and features to make your preflight experience as easy and as seamless as possible.

In flight

Make your flight more enjoyable by significantly improving your situational awareness and safety, from takeoff to landing.

Post Flight

Reviewing your flight and the automatic logbook is made easy with Air Navigation Pro. Share your flight with friends and family.


Preparing for a flight is fundamental and as important as the actual flight. Air Navigation Pro provides you with a suite of tools and features to make your preflight experience as easy and as quick as possible. From planning your route to getting your ATC flight plan, Air Navigation Pro integrates everything you need to get you ready for takeoff.

Flight Tracking

Flight Record allows you to save every single second of your flights by recording each GPS coordinates, altitude and speed data during your flight. Back at home, you can replay your flight and analyze your trace on the moving map or export the recorded flight as a KML file that can be viewed on Google Earth. You can also share your flight with friends and colleagues.

Use the Flight Tracking feature either for VFR training or to share it on Social Media

Manager functions

Through Air Navigation Manager, take the lead of a group of pilots and deliver critical information to your fleet through a single management platform. You'll be able to create aeronautical data (waypoints, Airspaces, Obstacles, detailed aircraft profiles), synchronize maps, documents and other types of data instantly to all of the iOS devices used by the members of your company or group.

Air Navigation Manager offers unparalleled data storage, sharing and account management solutions for aviation fleet managers from companies big and small. Air Navigation Manager offers a scalable standardization tool that fits both the smallest flying club to the largest corporations.



Air Navigation Pro created a global aeronautical database adapted not only for private pilots usage but also for commercial and military needs. With over 210,000 waypoints and 65,000 airspaces, more than 150,000 users trust Air Navigation Pro. Enjoy worldwide coverage including VFR and IFR waypoints and all kinds of airspaces.

Learn more about Air Navigation Pro Aeronautical Database here. Discover

Search engine

You can now search and navigate to specific locations within Air Navigation Pro. Fly straight to a certain city or landmark without looking up directions.

This feature requires a subscription.

Aeronautical charts / official charts

Get ready for your flight with our worldwide selection of Free and Paid charts.

Learn more about our charts on the store at services.airnavigation.aero/store


Flight planning functions

Plan and edit your multi-leg navigation flight plan directly from the moving map or by a quick search in the waypoints database. The planned route is displayed on the moving map as great circle vectors. It will calculate the next point distance, track and heading. ETE and ETA are calculated from your current speed while in-flight or from intended cruise speed and wind information.

Interactive NOTAMs

Air Navigation Pro provides comprehensive NOTAM information along your route, allowing you to plan your route with the best information available. NOTAMs include specific airport closures and alternatives, special event hazards, obstructions, and FIR information.

This important information for your Preflight Briefing is available with any of our Standard and Premium subscriptions.

ATC flight plan

Planning a VFR cross country flight?

Air Navigation Flight Plan makes it easy for you with the help of our partner Skyguide’s Skybriefing service. Air Navigation Pro ATC Flight Plan provides you with the official pre-flight preparation service approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).


Air Navigation Pro Flight Plan integrates flight plan functions, meteorological information, and NOTAM information in a single document, allowing you to communicate more efficiently with Air traffic controllers.

This important information for your Preflight Briefing is available with any of our Standard and Premium subscriptions.

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