ANP 8 Quick start guide

Please find below a quick start guide that will help you start using Air Navigation Pro 8.


Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a product through the Air Navigation Services website and I can not find it in the Store.
I re-installed Air Navigation Pro and I am missing my products.
Can I install the app on other devices?
How do I remove devices from my account? Why does it take so long if I do it from the Air Navigation Services website?

Purchases and subscription done through are stored in your Air Navigation Services account. In order to access them from your app, you need to login to your account from the app. In order to do so, go to Tools - Air Navigation Services. After successfully logging in, go to the store and select the tab Restore. Wait until your products sync. This operation can take a few seconds.

In order to make your products visible on your application, you need to restore your purchases by going to the Map Store and selecting the tab “Restore”. When asked, enter your Apple ID/Google ID and password. If you have products purchased through Air Navigation Services, remember to log in under “Tools” - “Air Navigation Services”.

Subscribers can install the app on both iOS and Android operating system without limitations. By connecting your devices to your Air Navigation Account, you can transfer your subscriptions/purchases to both iOS, and Android. If you don't have an account with Air Navigation Pro, you can create one by visiting Note that you can use your account on three different devices maximum.

You can remove devices instantaneously by opening Air Navigation Pro and selecting the option Tools > Air Navigation services > Account information > Log out. In case you no longer have access to the device, you can revoke it via the Air Navigation Services Website. Revoking the device from the website can take up to one week. This limitation is set to restrict account sharing and piracy.

Besides having access to the database monthly updates of waypoints and airspaces, new subscribers will get access to the AD-Information sheet as well as the Interactive NOTAMs. The AD-Information sheet is a PDF generated file for every airport in Air Navigation Pro. The PDF contains extensive information like detailed runways and frequencies information, opening times, fuel and oil availability, local restrictions and contact information.

Air Navigation Pro Subscriptions acquired through Air Navigation Services are managed via PayPal. To manage or cancel your subscription log in to your PayPal account. Once in your profile go to Payments and select Preapproved Payments.

Subscriptions bought directly in the app are managed by Apple or Google. You can view your subscriptions by going to the website or

Yes, as long as the refund period has not been exceeded, you can ask for a refund in order to purchase the correct product.

Purchases that have been made through the Air Navigation Services website are managed by PayPal. In order to refund them, please contact us via and make sure to attach the PayPal purchase confirmation you received via e-mail. Our agents require the transaction number in order to proceed with the refund.

Purchases made through the App Store are managed by Apple. Visit to request a refund.

Purchases in the Android Play Store can be refunded within two hours in the play store. After this period, contact us and send us the purchase confirmation (GPA…-…-…-…) in order to refund your purchase.

You can find our manuals by visiting The Air Navigation Pro manual is available in several languages such as French, German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Make sure that your device is equipped with an internal GPS Sensor. If this is not the case, an external GPS sensor is needed. Also check that you have allowed Air Navigation Pro access to the device location services. In iOS, go to iOS Settings, and select Air Navigation Pro from the menu, then set location to 'Always'. On Android, go to Settings > Apps > Air Navigation Pro > Permissions > LocationCheck in Air Navigation Pro that the app is using the internal or external sensor as a source for the location. This can be done by going in the app to Tools > Sensors.

You can log in to your account by visiting . You can change your password and personal information by clicking on 'My Account', then 'Profile' and finally 'Edit'. Under the Menu 'Devices' you can revoke devices you have no longer access to.

If you have forgotten your password and can no longer log in, click on 'Connect' and then 'Recover Password'. You will receive a message to your associated e-mail with a link. Clicking on this link will allow you to set a new password.

Remember that the username and password are case sensitive and don't allow special characters. If you wish to change your associated e-mail address contact us via

For your concerns, visit our support desk.

Drop us a message

English-written questions will be handled faster.

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Some extra plug-ins are mandatory to pair Air Navigation Pro with your simulator, you can download them here. Install them on your computer after downloading them.

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