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Air Navigation Pro Subscriptions

The Air Navigation Pro team offers you our best and easiest way to get the dataset you need with our subscription. We believe pilots should always be flying with the safest and accurate aeronautical dataset possible, that's why we created the Air Navigation Pro subscriptions.

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In-app prices are subject to the discretion of Apple and Google. In the event of an upgrade of your package, or if you already purchased individual product(s) included in a package, we will automatically re-compute the price for the package selected. Therefore, the final price calculated may differ from the price displayed in the website. Click Support on this page for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The subscription allows you to get started with Air Navigation Pro immediately. It is the perfect dataset you need to fly safely with the relevant maps and approach charts you need. With this package, your dataset is always up to date so you don't have to worry about having the latest information. Another advantage is that it makes it simple for you to take off without having to explore all the available maps and charts from the Air Navigation Pro Store.

The standard worldwide subscription offers access to the aeronautical database monthly updates and the interactive NOTAMs worldwide.
A standard subscription gives access to the ICAO or other top 500K charts and approach charts of your country. You also get elevation data and FREE access to the Aeronautical database and NOTAMs.
The Premium subscription offers additional access to the Streets and Places Search, on top of all the Standard subscription contents. For Switzerland as an example, it also gives you access to the Obstacles Database.
Standard is designed for most pilots out there, while Premium is targeted for the most demanding users.

You can subscribe via the following platforms: Apple App store or on Google Play Store, , and you can easily upgrade your subscription with a few clicks. This way you keep control of your subscription and are able to adjust it to suit your needs. Note that once you start subscribing via a platform (Services, Apple or Google), you can only manage your subscription via this same platform. (For example, if you subscribe to Standard via the App Store, you must manage your subscription also via the App Store).

If you already have a valid subscription to the Essential previously available or the Standard worldwide (Aeronautical Database and Notams), this will be taken into account when you decide to purchase a subscription and you will only pay the difference.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. It will take effect after the current subscription ends. No refunds are possible.

By creating a free account on you can visualize all the products and services you have subscribed to. Go to the Add-ons section, and click on the Subscription menu to see the status of your products.

Air Navigation Pro changes the way you fly. With the Premium package, you gain access to the most complete dataset available in the market for your VFR flights. Premium offer discounted prices compared to purchasing each product separately from the store.

Of course. By synchronizing your devices on, you will be able to manage your devices and your subscription/purchase with simple steps. Have a look at our manual to learn more. The same applies to Air Navigation Desktop.

Here is a sample case study of what will happen if you already have an existing subscription and want to subscribe to the new subscriptions:

On November 1st, Bernard would like to subscribe to the France standard subscription. He used the aeronautical database subscription for 3 months out of the 12 months he paid for. This will be taken into account when he subscribes to the standard subscription. Apple will refund him the 9 remaining months by reducing it from his subscription's price.

Note that this will also work if you already subscribed to the Approach Charts on *Not available for Mac OS X..

Pilots downloading Air Navigation Pro starting September 1st, 2018 will need to subscribe to at least the standard worldwide subscription.

You cannot. Licenses are for personal use in order to meet our suppliers' requirements.

Aeronautical Database

Enjoy worldwide coverage including VFR, IFR waypoints and all kinds of airspaces. Air Navigation Pro has over 210,000 waypoints including Aerodromes, Reporting Points, Helipads, Seaplane Bases, Glider Ports, Balloon Ports, IFR Waypoints, DMEs, NDBs, VORs, VORTACs, TACANs, VOR/DMEs.

We also have more than 65,000 airspaces containing classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Danger Areas, Restricted Areas, Forbidden Areas, Glider Areas, Glider Prohibited areas, CTR, TMZ, TSA, TRA, MATZ, Recreational Areas, Natural Reserves, FIR and FIS.

They are updated every AIRAC cycle (every 28 days).

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