From the configuration menu, you may set several properties for your app.

The display is different on tablet and phone.

Manage data and products#

Review your products


Acquire a subscription plan and new products

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Create or connect to Air Navigation Services

Air Navigation Manager#

Review your Air Navigation Manager organisations and membership.


Change your app language. Mind that you need to restart the app to apply the change.


Configure which Instrument is shown.


Change your preferred units

Specify your preference for approach chart display

Clear the cache of downloaded

Change the instruments’ North

Enable or disable the audio effects

Allow or not mobile network download. Mind that activating this option may induce additional operator fees that are at your charge.

Activate the WebDAV server

Specify the Pilot In Command (PIC)

Show or not the raw METAR/TAFs

Activate or deactivate the disclaimer shown when the app starts

Send a report: Use this option on request from our support team. It provides us with valuable debug information regarding your application, device, products, sensors, map, etc.

Reset settings to factory defaults


This panel displays the current Air Navigation Pro version, necessary when communicating with our support.

It gives also access to the What’s New information

Finally you can view the licences of the different software libraries that are used within the app.


Displays the disclaimer.

Privacy policy#

Redirects to our privacy policy.