From the configuration menu, you may set several properties for your app.


The display is different on tablet and phone.

Manage data and products#

In Manage data and products, you can review all your acquired products. (Un)Installation of products can be done by tapping on the download icon and selecting the Installed / Not installed options. You may hide products that you don’t use for the mean time by tapping on the Hidden option. To unhide them again press on the ⚙️ and turn on the option Show hidden products.


Product Settings#

The products settings offers the option to manage your hidden products, product updates and restore your purchases.

  1. Show hidden products - Enabling this option displays all your hidden products in Manage data and products window.

  2. Product updates - Product updates might be available; you have the option to automatically update product when connected to the Wifi or you may want to Manually update them.

  3. Restore Purchases - Restore all purchases from your account.

Air Navigation Manager#

Synchronization of your Air Navigation manager data can also be done in Manage data and products window. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Config. (Configuration for phones)

  2. Tap Air Navigation Manager

  3. Select your Manager organization

  4. Go to Manage data and products

  5. Tap on your Air Navigation Manager organization

  6. Tap Synchronize


The store gives you access to our catalogue of charts, maps and data. Purchases done in the app will use the OS payment service.

store image221


An accout will give you access to some advanced features like

  • route synchornization among devices.

  • products synchronization across different operating systems (Android/Google/Windows)

  • flight review thanks to the flight tracking functionality.

Create/connect to Air Navigation Services through social media or an email account. linkdevice

Air Navigation Manager#

Review your Air Navigation Manager organisations. Choose which organization’s data should be shown on the map.


Change your app language. Mind that you need to restart the app to apply the changes.


Choose which Instrument is shown when resizing the screen.


Set your own preferences that affect the whole functionign of the app:

  • Change the units to be used for distance, speed, runway length, altitude, pressure, coordinate and time.

  • Specify your preference for approach chart display:

    • Manual

    • automaitc for departure and arrival aerodrome

    • automatic for all aerodromes along the route

    • automatic for the aerodrome closest to your current position.

  • Choose either magnetic north or true north for tracks and bearings.

  • Clear the cache of downloaded data (Such as SmartChart tiles)

  • Change the instruments’ north reference

  • Enable or disable the audio effects

  • Allow mobile network download. Mind that activating this option may induce additional operator fees.

  • Activate the WebDAV server

  • Specify the Pilot In Command (PIC)

  • Show METAR/TAFs in raw or decoded

  • Activate or deactivate the disclaimer shown when the app starts

  • Send a report: Use this option on request from our support team. It provides us with valuable debug information regarding your application, device, products, sensors, map, etc.

  • Reset settings to factory defaults


This panel displays the current Air Navigation Pro version, necessary when communicating with our support team.

It gives also access to the What’s New information

Finally you can view the licences of the different software libraries that are used within the app.


Displays the disclaimer.

Privacy policy#

Redirects to our privacy policy.