Profile view#

The profile view displays the terrain elevaton ahead of the aircraft, along the planned route or along the measured area on the map. It is helpful to plan your flight altitude and stay clear of any potentially dangerous situations.

Profile view modes#

  • It displays the terrain ahead of you (default).

  • While planning and editing your route, it displays the terrain along your planned route.

  • While measuring the distance in the moving map using the ruler, the profile view displays the terrain along the measured area on the moving map.





Measured range can only be displayed when a ruler is displayed on the moving map.

Profile view settings#

The corridor, airspaces, NOTAMs, Obstacles, Wind, Populates places, and position at time can be displayed in the profile view by enabling them in the settings. Tap the cogwheel icon at the top left of the profile view.


Profile view gestures#

  • You can toggle from “Ahead of you” to “Planned route” by tapping on the yellow title at the top center of the Profile view.

  • It can be resized by dragging the yellow title or the navigation bar up or down.

  • Profile view can be hidden by dragging the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen or by disabling it in Map options > Profile view.

  • The profile view can be zoom in/out horizontally by pinching your fingers in/out, and can be zoom in/out vertically by dragging one finger on the altitude scale.

  • Tapping on the aircraft bubble will navigate you back to the aircraft’s position on the profile view.

  • A corresponding position on the moving map is displayed by dragging one finger on the distance scale


Interactive items#

In the profile view, tapping on the airspace and notam will display their details.


Tapping on the warning icon displays a popover that contains the warning for terrain collision and unachievable climb instructions along vertical flight path.

While on edit mode, you can set your planned altitude by tapping on the altitude button under Planned route mode and or by draggin them up or down.