Thanks to a collaboration with MeteoBlue and DWD, Air Navigation Pro offers several weather related layers.

Activate the layer#

Locate on the Tool bar / menu bar the Weather icon, and tap on it to activate the weather layers.

To deactivate the weather layer, you must tap again on the Weather icon.

Once the weather layer is activated, you may change the time of the displayed information, so you have forecast information for up to 3 days by intervals of 3 hours.

Available layers#


The wind is indicated with several indicators: animated particles and colors. The particles animation indicate both the direction and the strength, visible through the movement speed. The color indicate also the strength, with the legend displayed on top of the view. The wind speed is between 0 kt and 70 kt.

The wind is available for several heights, from 30ft AGL to FL100.


Cloud and precipitation#

This layer displays the clouds in grey colors and precipitations in shades of blue. The darker the grey, the thicker the clouds, and the darker the blue, the more rain there is.


Cloud height#

Displays the cloud floor altitude MSL. The bluer it is the higher, the yellower, the lower.



Indicates the line of sight distance from the ground, with respect to cloud. For example, in fog, the visibility is reduced. If the ground rises up to the level of clouds (like in mountains), the visibility also drops.



Indicates the maximum strength of gusts. Direction is that of the Wind.



Gives the relative pressure in Hpa.



This layer is the only layer not offering forecast. It’s based on measurements, provided by DWD.

It indicates the presence of rain, as measured by ground stations.

Provides complementary information with respect to the Cloud and precipitation.

There are 3 regions selection: Europe and the US offer larger historical data than the Global (worldwide).



This layer is offered only for Switzerland and Germany.

They are refreshed every 4 minutes. The Swiss GAFORs are not updated during the night as they are not updated by the Swiss authorities.