Traffic information#

When connected to the internet, Air Navigation Pro will show on the map other Air Navigation Pro pilots near you.


When flying with ADS-B or a Flarm receiver connected to your mobile device, Air Navigation Pro will show on the map all the traffic it captures.

Simple traffic mode: an aircraft is displayed with an arrow. You receive proximity alerts

TCAS mode: aircraft are displayed using the TCAS icons. Traffic collision is based on the TCAS algorithm - but not instruction is given on how to avoid a collision, compared to a real TCAS.

Tap on a traffic to see:

  • Altitude

  • Speed / Vertical Speed (upward/downward arrow - no arrow means traffic is leveled)

  • Assigned ID of the aircraft

  • Toggle option to highlight the aircraft as favorite


Highlighting a traffic will change its icon border from white to magenta and you will not receive collision warnings. This feature can be helpful to highlight a colleague you are flying with for example or if you plan to fly in close formation.

To highlight / bookmark traffics#

  1. Tap the trafficimage27

  2. Toggle the option Highlight this aircraft image28

TCAS Mode#

To use TCAS mode, disabling the toggle button for simple traffic in Map > Traffic, see Map options menu.

A number (either +VE / -VE) tells you how higher than you or lower than you the traffic is.

+06 means 600 ft above you.

Additionally, an arrow can also be shown. The arrow UP means that the intruder is climbing, the arrow DOWN means the intruder is descending. So the intruder is approaching your aircraft vertically if the value is positive and the arrow is down, or if the value is negative and the arrow is up.

image29 image30 image31