Getting started#


App Store#

  1. Open the App Store and search for “Air Navigation Pro”

  2. Install Air Navigation Pro on your device by tapping the blue “Get” button

  3. Open Air Navigation Pro.


Interface for Apple and Android#

Apple iPads and Android tablets#

Some of the app’s appearance might have minor changes present. However, Air Navigation Pro was made to be as consistent to both platforms as possible.


  1. Tool bar / menu bar

  1. Instrument

  1. Moving map

  1. Drawers

  1. Navigation bar

  1. Profile view

Apple iPhone and Android Phones#

While the iPad and Tablet orientation can either be Horizontal (Landscape) or Vertical (Portrait), The app on smart phones are locked in (Vertical) Portrait mode.


  1. Moving map

  1. Tool bar / menu bar

  1. Navigation bar

  1. Drawers

  1. Profile view

  1. Module tabs


Tool bar / menu bar#

From the Menu you will be able to access most of the functions of Air Navigation Pro.


Edit Mode#

image205 Turns ‘Edit mode’ on or off. When on, you can modify your planned route. Turn it off when flying to avoid inadvertently changing your route.

Route planning#

image207 List your routes, saved locally or in your Air Navigation account.


image208 Remove the current planned route from the map. It also lets you hide the approach chart displayed on the map.

Map options menu#

image209 Settings for the moving map: choose the layers of information to be displayed.


weather-icon Activate and deactivate the Weather layers. This feature displays several weather related layers. Thanks to a collaboration with MeteoBlue and DWD. More details on Weather

3D view (EFIS)#

image210 Turn on/off the display of the EFIS module. This feature displays a 3D representation of the world and uses the internal gyroscopes and accelerometers of your device to compute the pitch and roll angles. 3D view is included with Basic, Standard, Premium and Smart packages.


image211 On tablets only. Tap this to resize the screen and display the Route Actions as well as an additional instrument. On mobile phones, you can access it by the Route module in the menu.


image213 Display or edit your current Flight times, Aircraft and set Alerts parameters.


image214 Simulated aeronautical instruments: HSI, Altimeter, Chronometer, Compass, Flight info, RMI, Speed, VOR, and Variometer. For tablets, you can assign one instrument to the main view and access others from the menu. On mobile phones, you can assign one instrument to the module tabs and access others from Configuration > Instruments.


image215 Create a direct route from your current GPS position to the nearest airport.


image216 On tablets only. Access to advanced modules such as User Waypoints, ScratchPad, Documents, Imported KML files, Logbook, Flight recorder and Sensors.

On mobile phones, its elements are part of Configuration.


image217 Set units, change the application behavior and create your Air Navigation account. Here you will also find the Store to install third-party products, like new charts.


On tablets, the Menu bar is at the top of the screen. On mobile phones, it is accessed inside a drawer on the right side of the screen.


After installation, launch Air Navigation Pro. Users that have an Air Navigation account may sign-in to retrieve previously purchased products. New users should start with our Free Trial for 2 weeks with these simple steps:

  1. Select your region

  2. Tap Start free trial.

  3. Allow location access and enjoy ANP for 14 weeks!


New users can skip this step or create an account. Existing users with an Air Navigation account can sign in to retrieve existing data and previously purchased products.

Sign in your Air Navigation account

  1. Select Account in the popup window.

  2. Choose the Sign in option (Facebook, Google, Apple & with Air Navigation account email)

  3. Enter the email and password registered for Air Navigation.

  4. Air Navigation Pro will then ask you to get access to your location.


You should grant location access to Air Navigation Pro, otherwise real time navigation functionalities will not work accurately.

Subscription plans#

Air Navigation Pro offers up to 28 days free trial; 14 days free trial for new users and another 14 days after Subscribing a plan. Access the necessary charts, information and services for your preferred region of the world, you will be automatically charged unless you cancel the free trial from your mobile device subscription preferences.


Simplified subscription plans that let you fly across borders. Each plan includes for the entire world: a vector-based map, waypoints, airspaces and NOTAM as well as charts and approach charts from FAA, Eurocontrol and various national CAAs worldwide.


The aeronautical database is updated following the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle: a new version is available every 28 days. The Obstacle database covers many countries, and not not just the country you have selected. Street and places search covers the whole world, and not just the country you have selected. Products included in subscriptions may vary depending on their availability per country.

Additional third-party products#

Additional products can be added individually via Configuration > Store. For example, it is possible to proceed to a one-time purchase of the following products:

  • Third-party commercial charts for various countries


Store → Purchase charts#

There are two ways of getting products (e.g. maps, charts, etc.) in your Air Navigation Pro:

  1. Air Navigation Store (Config > Store)

  2. Air Navigation Website (


You need a connection to the Internet.

Air Navigation Store#

Catalog (shopping cart) - You can choose the country you are interested in. Then click on individual products, and it will show all the charts/maps and products available for that country.

Purchase a product in the Catalog#

  1. Tap Configuration > Store

  2. Tap Change country - select a country

  3. Select a product to acquire


Air Navigation Website#

  1. Go to

  2. Click on store

  3. Select a product to purchase